Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Millen Woods!

For those students returning – welcome back! To our new families joining us for the first time, welcome to our amazing school community!

School begins on Tuesday, September 6th at 9 am. Arriving a few minutes early is a great idea! Our day ends at 3:20 pm. Our staff will greet ALL students in the playground near the basketball courts to begin our new school year.

Due to technical difficulties, School-Day is unable to send out messages with class placements. I have been able to connect with all JK families.  We have an organized way to help all of our students find their teachers on Tuesday! 

Students will gather on the tarmac for English, French Immersion and Kindergarten. From there, teachers will help students get into their correct class line, and our additional support staff will assist.

Together, we will sing OCanada, and then students will be led to their regular line area so they know where to line up beginning the next school day!

Kindergarten students (who do not attend after-school child care here) will be dismissed from their classroom door at the end of the school day and will line up at their class door beginning Wednesday morning! 

Please note, class lists may change up until the morning of Friday, September 9, 2022, due to ongoing registrations.

Our classes/teachers are the following:


K1 – Mrs. Lane-Oliphant and Mrs. Almazan

K2 – Mrs. Kostakos-Murphy and Mrs.Eckert

K3 – Mr. Heikoop (half-class, no DECE)

English Core:

½ A – Ms. Mayled

2A – Mr. Sukru

3/4A – Mrs. Padiath

4/5A – Mrs. Kunkel (LTO for Mr. Philip until late fall)

6A – Mrs. Webber

French Immersion:

1A FI –   Mme Cadieux

2AFI –    Mme Leung

2/3AFI – Mrs. Viidik (Eng) and Mme Siderius (French)

3/4BFI – Mme Siderius (French) and Mrs. Viidik (Eng)

4/5BFI – Mme Marschuetz

5/6AFI – Mme McCormick (French) and Mr. MacCormack (Eng)

6BFI –    Mr. MacCormack (Eng) and Mme McCormick (French)

All students should bring a backpack with lunches/snacks for both breaks, a water bottle, hats (encouraged), and have sunscreen applied at home as needed. Your child’s teacher will connect with you next week regarding school supplies, so they are not necessarily needed on the first day of school. 

We are so excited to welcome back your children on Tuesday for an amazing school year! Please note, unless there is torrential rain, we will continue with this plan, so please have your child wear weather-appropriate clothing and have an umbrella if needed Tuesday morning. 

Have a lovely, safe weekend and we can’t wait to see you!

Karen Grant-O’Grady

Principal, Millen Woods PS