Dear Millen Woods Families,

The safety of our students is our top priority and shared community responsibility. It’s critical that we all follow the procedures and bylaws regarding the use of the school parking lots and parking/no parking areas.

The school parking lot is for staff only. Parents/caregivers are not to use the parking lot at entry/dismissal times. Exceptions are for students who are being picked up/dropped off for appointments during the day only. If you have a particular need, e.g. disability or an extended injury,  and need to use our parking lot, please contact the school principal to make arrangements. 

Please do not park in No Parking areas in the neighbourhood and please be considerate of our community neighbours. Do not block their driveways.  Since parking space in our area is limited, students are encouraged to walk to school when possible.

Bylaw officers are likely to be in the school area in the coming weeks to support student safety.

Thank you for your consideration of our students and our community members.